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Default Re: opponent hits ur hand as u're grabbing the board and u lose it out of bounds

Originally Posted by devin112
Do you guys call that as a foul? I know u're supposed to box out and use 2 hands but sometimes the situation calls for a 1 handed board. Sometimes when I do this my opponent will hit my hand as i grab it and cause me to lose the ball out of bounds. is that a foul or no? I never call it but I think I should.

i dont call it in pickup because tbh the refs will probably not give you that in a game, dont want to start expecting that if you're in a tough match or something

hand is part of the ball anyways, unless he grabs you it cant be a foul on a rebound as no one has possession and both have equal right to fight for it. Contact sport bro, sometimes you get tough plays like that
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