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Default Re: I hope Shaq sees what KG and Duncan are doing right now...

Originally Posted by DMV2
Those two sentences contradicts your statement, don't they? He didn't take anybody's spot, the 10th-12th men barely get any burn at all.

The season his team missed the playoffs had a 46-36 record, and he played 75 games that season. Says more about the stacked WC than his play or his team.

Him getting owned by Duncan the season prior - who was the player Shaq was primarily brought into Phoenix for - didn't exactly help his cause either. Not to mention him having a falling out with nearly every franchise. The point is, his mere presence on these teams was fools gold and he was just grasping for another ring. Yes, he's a huge 7 footer who's going to make more than half his shots and clog the paint... but clearly he was done as a serious contributor over the course of a season... And there's nothing wrong with that... but why keep going?... As a Spurs fan, I hope Duncan retires before he becomes 9 PPG kind of player like Shaq was.
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