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Default Re: I hope Shaq sees what KG and Duncan are doing right now...

Originally Posted by SCdac
Him getting owned by Duncan the season prior - who was the player Shaq was primarily brought into Phoenix for - didn't exactly help his cause either. Not to mention him having a falling out with nearly every franchise. The point is, his mere presence on these teams was fools gold and he was just grasping for another ring. Yes, he's a huge 7 footer who's going to make more than half his shots and clog the paint... but clearly he was done as a serious contributor over the course of a season... And there's nothing wrong with that... but why keep going?... As a Spurs fan, I hope Duncan retires before he becomes 9 PPG kind of player like Shaq was.
Why keep going? He's an athlete, one of the greats in his sport. Athletes of his caliber always want to prove everybody wrong. They're willing to play until their body can't anymore.

He also clearly stated that he wanted another ring. To me, that's a lot more respectable than somebody wanting to keep going for a record or stats.

Hell...Sheed, one of the laziest NBA player we've seen in the past 20 years, just came out of retirement. And he wasn't even nearly the competitor Shaq was. Sheed prob came back b/c A) prove he still got it, B) get a 2nd ring, C) help NYC gets its first NBA title in 30 years, D) all of the above.

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