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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Originally Posted by RaininThrees
Its inetresting hearing him talk on 590 with McCowan vs what he says on air. Two totally different things, at times. I think sometimes you can tell he WANTS to say something on TV, but holds back.
I think what Bokes said above is spot on. I could just see Jack ripping into someone like Bargnani if he was in a bar.

I'll be honest, I barely watched the 2nd half of the game today (NFL instead). There is very little that is keeping my interest in this team right now. As much as I like Lowry as a player, I wouldn't object to the next GM looking to trade him as part of a full rebuild. The worse the Raptors play this year, the worse that trade will become because honestly, I'll take the lottery pick over Lowry in a rebuilding situation.

On the bright side, my replica Jose Bautista jersey was delivered today (on a Sunday, weird). I'm pretty much swimming in the Blue Jays kool-aid right now.
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