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Originally Posted by elementally morale
MVP is voted by members of the media. Thus, the player most valuable to the media will get it. In other words: The story that sells best.

Unfortunately enough, none if these stories sell at this point. Probably Melo's is the one that can be marketed most easily, provided the Knicks win the most games in the East. Kobe's story would be a bestseller if only the Lakers could somehow win 50 games... it's not at all likely. The Heat should post insane numbers along with LeBron for his story to sell. And Durant is not really marketable at this point.

Anthony has the best chance IMHO, if all teams and players keep up their current production. Kobe has the best chance coming from behind. The other two may deserve the award more but I just can't see them getting it unless a significant change happens that makes their story easier to sell.

Kobe has next to a zero chance of winning. Lebron/Durant have the better stats, advanced numbers, AND their teams are winning games. Durant's team is tied for best record in the West. Lebron's team is tied for best in the East. Kobe, meanwhile, has the Lakers in the lottery while playing with the best second option of all these players.

Hell, the fact that Kobe accumulated a losing record with Mike Brown while Lebron carried a team coached by potatohead to the Finals speaks volumes about how much more of an impact player LBJ is then Kobe.
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