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Default Re: I hope Shaq sees what KG and Duncan are doing right now...

Originally Posted by SCdac
The only thing remarkable is that he played for 6 different teams and tried to piggy back his way to championships. His legacy didn't even need that. People who are impressed by how many seasons he played should seriously go back and watch him in the last 2-3 years. Just because he was on the court doesn't mean he should have been or was helping in any serious way.

I think he helped out the Celtics while he was on the floor. Him and KG fit perfectly and would've been great if that Celtics team could've remained healthy. He was bad with the PnRs, but he always was a bit bad at it.

He wasn't that bad in Cleveland either, but I think he fit more with the Celts. I think there were more problems with the Cavs than it were with the Celts because of him clogging the lane. However when they require Antawn Jamison, that's when their defense started to be not as stellar.

And at their respected stage of their careers with KG, Duncan, and Shaq. Shaq was an all-star and was the top 3 center in the league. Howard and Yao would was over him. He even made the all nba 3rd team. If he was in today's league, he would still be a top 2-3 center in the league.

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