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Default Re: opponent hits ur hand as u're grabbing the board and u lose it out of bounds

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
i dont call it in pickup because tbh the refs will probably not give you that in a game, dont want to start expecting that if you're in a tough match or something

hand is part of the ball anyways, unless he grabs you it cant be a foul on a rebound as no one has possession and both have equal right to fight for it. Contact sport bro, sometimes you get tough plays like that
I always relinquish possession on plays like that. I understand I could play the "but the only reason I lost it is because you hit my hand" card, but it's just one of those things I opt not to object because I mean, it did go off me, whether my hand was hit or not. At best, sometimes an opponent will voluntarily give possession without a fight, acknowledging he forced the rock out through contact, even if he didn't touch the ball firsthand.

On the flip side, I do not believe the hand is always a part of the ball. And just because there is not an established possession does it mean everything's fair game. In a non-streetball/pickup game, I've most definitely seen fouls called on plays exactly as described. More often though, I see the officials relent from calling a foul and instead award possession to the guy who's hand was hit as a way of saying "Yes, it was off you, but only because of the technically illegal contact of your opponent". Contrary to popular belief, the hand is not declared a part of the ball and thus open to any form of contact at all times during a game.

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