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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

(replying from the bucks game thread)
Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
Great offensive performance by MarShon Brooks. 80% shooting from the field and 14 points but his defense is the worst I've ever seen from a Net. He can't guard one on one, team defense, and gave up 4 points on back door cuts which is completely unacceptable. He seriously needs help in that department but I believe that he is finally in the rotation after this game.
marshon probably took full advantage of being a new player last season. the NBA book on how to play him probably wasn't developed very well, and we were able to see the best of him while not having to pay for his weakest areas. now all that's changed.

since he's now well known to be a weak defender, teams are going to go after that weakness like never before. especially because the nets are no longer doormats, so every competitive advantage must be exploited. last year teams could take the lead with their starters, give up a little of that lead with their second team against marshon, and still beat us with regularity. now that's all changed.

point is, this is going to have to be up to marshon to change. obviously there's some part of technique or desire that is holding him back from where he needs to be. i'm sure the coaches, like true professionals, are doing whatever they can to help him with this, but it's going to have to come down to marshon. if you don't see marshon in the rotation, it has to be because of marshon, first and foremost. and yes, coaches want you to play in accordance with their philosophy and want to bench you if you go against that philosophy, but that's always going to be the case no matter who the head coach is. you need to get with the program. so again, that's on marshon and nobody else.

but if he's truly humble like in the recent association episode and works on the right things, including his attitude if necessary, i'm sure there will be no problem with his PT. no, he'll start appearing more often and we'll have a pretty good idea why. and we can all be happy for the right reasons, meaning for the long-term good of the team.
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