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I've had a medium sized breakfast and big dinner (probably 500 and 1200 calories) for the last 3 weeks respectively during finals and shot up from 158 - 171 lbs.

What the f*ck? When I eat 4,000 cals I can't seem to gain a single pound. Something's up, and all this sudden weight gain. I"ve come to realize that I simply do not have the genetics, effort, or time to become big and bulky. So fukk it. God bless the bodybuilders in here and those who gain muscle easily kudos! Now it's time for a nice blend of flexibility, power, strength, and endurance.
I can still get a few inches past my forearm on the rim at 5'11" without any vert training. I can still run a mile under 6:15. and I can still deadlift in the mid 400's pretty smoothly good form no chalk. Time to ante up.

Doing Convict Conditioning right now mixed with some iron work.
Pistol Squat: Pyramid up to 5 reps.
Elevated Diamond PUshups: Pyramid Up to 7 reps.
Back Bridges: Pyramid up to 3 reps.
Sets of 5.

Feel an awesome pump. Not bad for 15 minutes and no equipment. May make this a staple. Skipping the gym and all those calories gives time, money, and mobility to be spent travelling and getting that $$$ and going out more often. God knows I could use that.

Tomorrow, aiming for 15 rock solid fast hill sprints.

Day after.
Weighted Chins
and Military Press.

Keeping it simple and getting steady gains.

Gonna try to add more green veggies. They seem to have an incredible effect on the brain. Writing is coming out more lucid, fluid, and pleasant to read.

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