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Default Re: No Defense Lakers

Originally Posted by qrich
It isn't just Howard, no one else is rotating after the first one. I mean, when Dwight rotates, for example, Pau doesn't rotate to try to cover Howard's man and that gives up a ton of open looks. Happens more on/around the perimeter as well.

You guys need to make some small roster changes. Cut Morris, sign Mike Taylor. Taylor can press and create a fast break on his own. Open up a roster spot for another defensive player such as a Quinton Ross, who will guard the best of the best on the wings. Or go for a high energy defensive guy like a James Singleton.

So many options, they just aren't doing it.

they dont have the balls to do it...fcuking keeping D morris? he shouldnt be even playing in D League...

why the fcuk is E Clark on the team? trade him for bag of chips...god dammit...

give min to DWest, Martin...they didnt even fcuking try to Pietrus...
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