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Default Re: The Walking Dead Video Game

Originally Posted by LT Ice Cream
Just finished episode 2 and at the end it says "You and 17% of others decided to kill both St. John Brothers"

Are 83% of the rest of you out there really that soft?! Those two clowns tricked me into helping them around their farm, kidnapped my homie and cut his legs off, and then fed them to the rest of my group! Of course I'm ****ing killing both of them! I guess everyone else is too concerned about their little digital karma and tries to do the "right thing". Lame.

This game is all about tough choices. I wanted to kill the crap out of those two guys, but not with Clem standing there. And not with one of the friggin brothers begging for it so you can prove his twisted world view correct. Killing them is the easy choice. He was getting eaten anyways so in the end it would have done more harm than good.

Man this was a good game. I agree on walkie talkie man. More of a way to have someone read out all your past choices to you and try to make you pay for them. But really he was kind of an empty character. In the end though everything else is done so well I don't mind.
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