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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

1.I actually thought JR played pretty well...especially late in the game. He hit some tough shots. He played well on defense.

2.Woodson kinda almost cost us the game. He kept putting Kidd on Gallo. I couldnt understand it for the life of me.

3.Tyson Chandler shouldnt be on the court unless Felton is on the court. Period. All he can do is catch lobs and get putbacks. When Felton goes out, Chandler should go out too. He owes Felton a portion of his check.

4. We need Shumpert and Amare back. Yes, we're winning. Our depth issues are starting to show though. When our starters have to go to the bench, we begin relinquishing leads. I wish we'd play Copeland a little more. We need one more big (Amare) to where we don't have to play Kurt Thomas and one more backcourt player (Shumpert) to keep us from having to play Prigioni and White.

5. Felton has been good on offense but I havent liked his defense as of late. He's having far too many defensive lapses. Nothing that can't be fixed fairly easily but he needs to focus better on defense.
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