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Default Re: The value of great coaching $$$$$$$$

Originally Posted by L.A. Jazz
I dont know and i dont care how much money the Buss family spend on this team (coaches or players). and i think money was not the main reason they didnt hire PJax.

the "funny" thing i was thinking about yesterday was that out of all the coaches i never thought the Lakers would hire MB or MD'A and now both were/are here. obviously i know nothing about basketball and the NBA.

Yeah, I NEVER thought we would hire either of these terrible coaches.....what's just as comical is that they actually interviewed Dunleavy

The reason for this whole mess is Jimmy is too stupid to realize that things like coaching and scouting matter, he thinks any idiot can do why pay big bucks. I hope the old man pulls the plug on him and lets Jeanie run the team......ah, wishful thinking

We are a lock to allow the most points of any Lakers team in history.
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