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Default Re: Adrian Peterson tears ACL, needs reconstructive surgery

Originally Posted by 1987_Lakers
I might be in the minority in this, but I'll take current Adrian Peterson over peak Barry Sanders all day. Sanders would break tons of long runs, but he also a bunch of carries that ended up in negative yardage, he was unpredictable. Peterson is like a faster version of Emmit Smith.

The negative yards is overstated mumbo jumbo. You know who brought this crap up? Emmitt Smith fanboys. Its a classic case of lets find something to highlight as a negative and magnify it. Watch how I stump you. You claimed Barry had a bunch of carries that ended up in negative yardage.

1. How many were they?
2. How many did Emmitt have?
3. How many does Peterson have?
4. How many did Walter Payton have?

You see whats happening here? You honestly dont know and have to go google these things hoping someone actually did research on this and you can copy/paste it here.

My point is dont go around throwing this negative yardage crap around unless you have a solid list of other great RBs and their negative yardage. Chances are you'll go googling up a storm to see what human actually did this homework so you can put your name on it.

For as many negative yards Barry had as you claimed he avg 5.0ypc. He holds a 6.1ypc in 1997. How many negative yards did he have that year? Dont answer because you have no clue. Somehow its relevant to you (get real). So riddle me this how is it this guy has so many negative yards carry yet his overall stats stack up among the best if not is the best?

I'm pretty sure Peterson doesnt have 1/3 of the negative yards Barry did yet for a career Peterson avg 5.0ypc vs Barry 5.0ypc

prime speaking of flaws its funny you always highlight those of Barry Sanders yet you never do that with Randy Moss. You talk all this complete player nonsense yet Randy Moss wasnt a great blocker. Randy Moss didnt run crisp routes. Randy Moss took plays off. Not only witnessed on the field but it came from HIS OWN DAMN MOUTH. But you'll talk up Moss as the best WR of all time. You'll praise Moss how much of a beast he was. Yet never throw out these FLAWS he has as a player like you do Barry Sanders. F*cking interesting.

/end sarcasm
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