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Default Re: opponent hits ur hand as u're grabbing the board and u lose it out of bounds

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Perhaps I failed at explaining clearly. I was not saying the hand was not a part of the ball. Instead, I was saying hand contact is not forever legal in every shape or form as long as that hand is touching the ball. There's always limits and it's often tied to the aforementioned incidental contact vs. non-incidental.

I'm not sure exactly what you're stating through and through though. Regarding your line on loose ball situations, what rule applies very strongly? Incidental contact?

incidental contact rule. sorry i shouldve restated what i was referring to. if both players go for the ball, meaning neither have established possession, and the contact of, lets say Player A, forces Player B's hand into the ball and it goes out, if you apply the incidental contact rule, you may consider the hand as part of the ball. if that were the case, then Player A just hit the ball out of bounds.

it depends on the judgement of the ref at the end of the day. these plays usually happen so quick, it is hard to rely on refs to see everything every single time. it is their judgement which will determine whether a player just accidentally hit someones hand going for the ball, or hit someones hand to prevent them from getting a rebound.

even when dribbling if a player hits your hand and the ball goes out because of that contact, its the refs judgement whether to award a foul or possession.

i know this because i coach and i got blasted by a ref once about this and he told me to look it up, and me like a smart ass look it up on my phone during halftime and i found out i was wrong
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