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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by kkinchen
He is right that when Nash comes back all of this is gonna go away. The Lakers defensive problems are actually starting with their lack of offensive balance.

When Nash comes back he will feed the bigs more, and therefore we wont always be a step behind in transition because even when we do miss shots there wont be long rebounds to where opposing teams can just outrun us in transition. I do believe that Nash is the solution to our problems if he comes back and stays back healthy.

What the hell are you talking about
'Antoni has said repeatedly over this year and his entire career that he is not a post offense guy, he doesn't want post play, he loves the 3 ball.
What you are saying would make sense if we had a different coach.....with Nash it will not look and different on defense....we will just score more points.

“I want him to be comfortable,” D’Antoni said of Gasol. “I’m good with his talent. He has a lot of skills. But I’m not big on pounding the ball inside. That’s not what we do. Right or wrong.”
KK.......please read and understand what the coach is doing and's never going to change, you can look at every team he coached and it's been the exact same post game!!!!

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