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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by kkinchen
He is right that when Nash comes back all of this is gonna go away. The Lakers defensive problems are actually starting with their lack of offensive balance.

When Nash comes back he will feed the bigs more, and therefore we wont always be a step behind in transition because even when we do miss shots there wont be long rebounds to where opposing teams can just outrun us in transition. I do believe that Nash is the solution to our problems if he comes back and stays back healthy.

when nash comes back we will be much worse defensively....nash is 1 of the worst defensive players in this league even if he has won 2 MVP's

Mike D'Antoni said in his 1st press conference that post play is one of the worst plays in the game and he does NOT like it...

he needs to adjust to his 2 big guys otherwise we will be in big trouble...
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