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Default Re: Its Official Spiderman Is Not Done Yet!!!

Originally Posted by Cool
I knew a number 4 was definetly on the way, but IMO I didnt think anyone expected 3 or 4 more.
Everybody who understands money expects a lot more than 3 or 4 more. If Sony fails to produce a new sequel in any 3 year time span, they lose their most profitable franchise of all time, forever. If you think Sony will ever let the rights to Spiderman (again their most profitable film franchise ever) expire, you're nuts.

Not only will there be three more, but there will likely be 20 more.

Even if they make #4 and it sucks and nobody goes to see it, do you think Sony will give up on #5 and say goodbye to Spiderman forever? The only other possibility at that point is that that they negotiate a sale of the rights back to Marvel.

The same thing applies to X-Men and Fantastic Four over at Fox. As long as those franchises have a future of generating profits, the rights will be retained, and that means a constant stream of movies.

I'm quite surprised that Universal let the Hulk rights revert. Hulk wasn't a huge success, but it's still a valuable property that will generate a lot of revenue down the road. They failed to make a sequel in time, so Marvel snatched it back up and immediatly started work on producing a Hulk movie of their own (I'm sure many of you are aware of it - will star Ed Norton and Liv Tyler).
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