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Default Re: Let's talk about empty stats.

Originally Posted by STATUTORY
dwight is a terrible franchise player going forward. he has about 3-4 years of prime left. once his athleticism fade how is he gonna be effective?

3-4 years of his prime left would give him a normal length prime. He's 27 now, so that'd mean his prime would end at 30-31, which is usually when primes end. They usually begin around 25-27. And he won't instantly become a scrub once his primes over, he'll still probably have a couple of seasons pretty close to his prime, and then be an all-star caliber center for an additional couple of seasons. He'll still be one of the more athletic centers for a while, and even when he's not , he'll still be strong, able to make some hooks with either hand, he'll still have the length and ability to block shots with either hand(he just won't be able to get to as many shots) and he'll still be able to rebound(just more like 10 per game rather than 13-14.)

As it is, he's played this season without being 100% or with his usual athleticism.
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