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Default Re: Post your favorite Kendrick Lamar song

Originally Posted by Just2McFly
I love Kendrick, I really do, but I don't if it's just me....but Big KRIT doesn't get enough love for his shit. I swear from track six on "Krit wuz here" to like 13 he was on an f*cking all time level. Those songs hit home hard.

More so than any song from rappers in his generation.

To answer your question, F*ck Your Ethnicity.

krit is talented but i think he's already done. that first mixtape was great. then the next one was okay but kind of boring like you'd already heard it. then it just got worse with the next stuff. well made but very repetitive music. and i think it's just because krit just isn't a great rapper. he relies heavily on his own production which is great. in the area of southern county rap i think jackie is more talented and significantly more underrated.
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