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Default Anyone train combat sports?

I've been doing Judo/Combat Sambo for 2 months so far. The discipline itself is very intricate, for example when executing a throw a minor detail such as shifting the weight of your body on to a different leg or moving in closer makes the throw a lot more powerful.

The ground game in judo is very interesting. There are many variations of chokes involving the Gi. I always thought a Gi was just something to make Karate people look like *******, but in Judo it is the basis to a lot of techniques both ground and throwing. Ground game is basically get choked out game for my inexperienced ass. I wear myself out too quick, cause I use my strength way too much, when every movement should be calculated. Hopefully that improves with time.

My trainer finally allowed me to practice some Combat Sambo strikes. I thought I would be a lot better at that because I have some experience boxing, but no its completely different. The punches in Combat Sambo work like a whip, in order to generate the most force over the shortest distance. The elbows are straight and they start by almost dislocating the joint and forcing it through. Unlike the Muy Thai elbow, where the hit comes from the side, the elbow in Combat Sambo is straight and is used to penetrate the defense of your opponent if done correctly. The kicks are low and aimed at the knee joints, they are also meant to be very difficult to defend against. The kick is done with the front leg, similar whipping motion and aimed at the opponents knee, in order to stun him or break him. Basically its not an art you can **** around with on the street, I'm definitely developing a passion for it, and hope to get somewhat decent and possibly compete before I get too old.

Share your experience.
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