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Default Re: Anyone train combat sports?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
Good Stuff...

- Sambo is an amazing disipline.....Probably the best Martial Art for learning all areas of combat.

- I strictly train BJJ ...but always wanted to train Sambo.....

Good Luck.
BJJ is good stuff, there's a guy that comes to my gym sometimes who trains BJJ. He says its a lot more technical but not as aggressive. Not sure what he's talking about cause he's tough as hell. I actually prefer some BJJ techniques to Judo. I notice Judo chokes have a lot of focus on the Gi, when in real life situations your opponent will most likely be wearing a t shirt or something like that, in that case I would say the rear naked choke would win out. I wanna give that a test run. He said his gym is located like 5 minutes from the place I just moved to. Need to get my funds up, then I'll go check it out.

One thing I'm curious about, does BJJ have takedowns, or do matches start on the ground?

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