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Default Re: Ebanks arrested today on suspicion of DUI

[quote=DKLaker]There is a difference between being a professional and being a robot.
I agree that he shouldn't have gotten a DUI, it was bad judgment on his part, he can afford to have someone else drive him.
It is sheer insanity.....and much worse that I will not say, to suggest that he should be kicked off the team for a simple DUI to which we don't even know is actually valid, he could've been under the limit, this didn't go to one has said he was way drunk or crashed or anything.
Hey, until recent times, more than half of the players would be over the limit before their car even hit the street after a game.
It was extreme overreaction by Lakerfreak and I called him on it, these are not choirboys and they cannot be expected to live their lives the way he does no more than they can expect him to play basketball better than Smush Parker . It is absolutely absurd for you to make a comment that a DUI will lead to other crimes.....just something a little kid would come up with, an adult should know better.

You have no idea why Ebanks isn't playing.....first he had the idiot coach Mike Brown to deal with....the guy knew less about basketball than I did at 15, now he has 'Antoni who hasn't shown himself to be any better....he doesn't give a crap about defense, young players or anything other than playground shot jacking. If you expect inferior coaches to evaluate talent or make great substitutions you are sadly mistaken. If Ariza came up with these clowns coaching he would still be a bench warmer. Remember....mike brown cut Shannon Brown and 'Antoni traded Jordan Hill.
I never said Ebanks should be kicked off the team because of his DUI violation I initially said it was his play on the court that's raised some concern now compounding matters with his off the court issues raises speculation on his credibility.

Furthermore Ebanks should've never been on the roster when the season begun based on his vegas summer league performance both he and D-Mo stunk up the joint. I for one wouldn't call Ebanks a choirboy now lakerfreak maybe lol but nonetheless I would assume their both professionals in their own rights and should behave like professionals choirboy or not more so with Ebanks being paid like one.
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