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Yeah, I had my 21st at Cly's only cause it was all you can drink night. Dollar corona is the only reason I go there now. Otherwise it's just not that great. I'm a fan of Bar Louie a lot more these days. Dollar burger nights or all you can eat wings for $5. Firehaus is growing on me. Didn't like the scene at first but now no night is complete if it doesn't end at Firehaus. Tired of Brothers, Murphys, and Legends now. Gotta catch the downtown scene once I get the chance. Outside of High Dive. Jim Gould's a ****ing overpriced prentious **** that isn't even that good. I want to try Guidos...Any recommendation?

Last night I was rather buzzed. And I ended up posting on ISH. I'm sad kid. Man it's slow during the summer here. Should've stayed in Jersey.

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