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Default Re: Start Jodie Meeks (Bench Metta)

Originally Posted by kkinchen
Maybe this is the adjustment we need to make to get some wins. He definitely is a better offensive player and probably is a better defender than Metta at this point in Metta's career.

I know we all love Metta but the fact is that he is so flat footed and slow defensively now. He made CJ Miles look like an all-star today. Lets get some more youth and athleticism in our starting lineup.

The real problem is NOT any of the players, it is very clearly the coach.
'Antoni doesn't give any direction or instructions on how they are supposed to play defense as a team.....are they supposed to force a guy baseline, how are they supposed to rotate etc.....guys are out there just doing their own thing without any guidance at all, a coach is supposed to implement a style of defense and protocols as I call them.....'Antoni has never understood this and thinks defense is a waste of time....even with great defensive players they still have to work together. I have no hope for this because of his history.
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