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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

What i saw last night was horrible. the whole team isnt playing any defense. Howard is just pretending and Kobe isnt even trying. single posessions dont count. they arent talking on D at all.

The Lakers were in striking distance over the last 7 minutes, but they couldnt get two stops in a row (giving up layups and wide open 3s). and no, the Cavs werent running like crazy, the Lakers couldnt stop them in the half court game.

The offense looked like 5 guys doing what they want. i cant see any system or plays. even the basic ones. Nash will help there, but that will only help to get into the playoffs and wont work against contenders because you cant beat them without defense.

and PLEASE can someone tell MWP to stop taking the toughest shot in basketball! everytime he takes a one dribble pull up/fade away long 2 or 3 i want to punch him and the coach.
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