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Default My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Here's my issue with our 14 million dollar center:

Last night, Tyson Chandler went back to playing like the overrated scrub I knew him ass. He was starting to make me look silly for a second, then lo and behold, he reverted back to the Tyson Chandler I knew he could be. Welcome back!

In all seriousness though...someone with some media clout, whether it be a coach, a show host or something needs to bring this to light. The media earned him a DPOY award he didnt deserve. It's about time he gets called out for the fraud he is. I'm tired of seeing this guy miss defensive assignments. I'm tired of seeing him get killed on the boards. I'm tired of seeing him get posted up. I'm tired of seeing people penetrate into the paint without him impeding their progress. I'm tired of him being a legit 7 footer and not avg double digit rebounds and yet and still EVERYTHING we do defensively gets attributed to him. When Blatche started going to work, instead of our 14 million dollar center guarding him, he left Melo to guard him. Whenever Blatche got the ball and Chandler was on him, he abused him. Andray Blatche. The guy nobody wanted to even be our 15th man this summer. Remember him. He lit Chandler's campfire. Chandler played like a scared biotch. He picked up a foul vs Reggie Evans on the 3 point line.
Evans horsed him on the boards last night. I'm sorry. I gotta call a spade a spade when I see it. I gave him props when he played well. I call it like a I see it though. I have huge issues with this guy being labeled this great defensive player and me not seeing the evidence on a consistent basis.
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