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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

He didn't play well last night but at least he woke up late in the game and got us a few very important offensive rebounds.
That Kidd three came after Tyson had tipped it out back to Melo and we gained a new possession.

I want him to defend better. He's 7'1. Why doesn't he block any shots ? 100 year old Rasheed Wallace averages the same amount of blocks as Tyson (0.8) in 16 less minutes.
And that's not the worst part of it. Our 100 year old 6'4 point guard Jason Kidd and our 6'8 SF/PF who's known for not playing defense average only .2 blocks less.

His offense has been solid but his defense needs to improve. His rebounding could also get better but in the last few games he's been beasting on the boards so I'll let him get away with that one.
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