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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Dude I was so about to go off on you lmaoooooooooo I was seriously about to let you have it
This white text thing is great

Originally Posted by franchize
My game assessment:

#1. I wasn't a believer in the whole "rivalry" thing, but damn that was a great game. The first game was too. These Knicks vs Nets duels are becoming must see TV.

#2. Felton sucks against the Nets. He was so out of character. As I said before, he's an average PG, but you can always count on him to play with confidence and poise. Last night...not so much.

#3.Tyson Chandler...welcome back. At one point you were kinda making me look silly for a scond. The real Tyson Chandler stood up last night. Overrated and overpaid!

#4 Brewer has GOT to give us more on the offensive end. I love his defensive intensity but we can't have yet another guy who doesn't give us anything on offense.

#5 JR was ON FIRE last night in the 2nd half. He was the unsung hero. I know people want to talk about Kidd but JR kept us in the game around the 3rd and 4th when they went to doubling Melo.

#6 Kidd played his ass off last night. The 3 point shots were great, but let's face it...he was wide open. I'm even more impressed with his defense. He was incredible on defense last night.

#7 Woodson's substitution patterns have gotta get better. There's too many times we have 2 and 3 PG's on the court. None of our PG's other than Felton can penetrate so I don't get the benefit of having 3 PGs on the court. There was one period where Melo was playing center last night.

#8 We need to cut Prigionio's minutes and we need to give Copeland more burn. I think he'd play well with Melo.

#9 That was an offensive foul on Jason Kidd lol He's been doing that all year and getting away with it. Better us than them benefitting form it. But to be honest, if you go str8 up and down, it's a fould. It's you kick or lean to the side, it's an offensive foul. It's not a natural basketball play. He missed the free throw anyway so the Nets or their bandwagon fans can't say jack. As Sheed would say "Ball Don't Lie!"

#10 Every team has slumps at some point in their season...I don't expect us to be any different. That said, we are positioning ourself nicely for when we do. We'll already have won 2 out of 4 with Miami and Philly. We'll already have beat the Nets at least once. We've beaten Indiana and Milwaukee once already. We've beaten the Spurs already. Big time wins! These wins will pay dividends come playoff time.

#1 TOP 5 duel in the league.

#2 As I said,send him on a vacation when we play the Nets

#3 Yeah,he's overrated and overpaid but we need him. We already gave him the big contract so we can't do anything about it. Let's hope he'll improve his defense when it matters the most.

#4 Agree

#5 After going ice cold in like our 10 last games he was due for a good shooting night.

#6 Kidd

#7 He's a great motivator but sometimes he's too stubborn and don't want to quit playing small ball even when it's not working. He was the one to blame for the loss against Memphis.

#8 I want to see Copeland too. Last time we've seen him he scored 8 points in 10 minutes and didn't play since.

#9 Refs would have never called an offensive foul on that kind of play. It's either a play on or a defensive foul.

10# Terrific start of the season. Not even in my dreams I expected the Knicks to start the season so well.

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