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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

So now Felton is Toney Douglas? I am so sick of media sucking on Kidd's tit. Dude is playing solid but he is not doing anything special. People bitching about Felton dont understand how important he is because only 2 players on this team makes the defense collapse on them Felton and Jr. Thats key in basketball because if someone doesnt PENETRATE threaten the defense going to the hole there are no open looks on the perimeter. The only other way you get the defense out of position is having a post player. Well considering Melo is the only post player the Knicks need Felton and Jr. Also, running PNR....

The biggest problem is in tight games against good defensive teams not having a 2nd go to player hurts this team! I really believe the Nets are just a bad match up. Felton is trying to step up out of his comfort zone and help this team by scoring more and doing more than he needs to.

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