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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Yea but if everyone is cool with it, Management thinks it's ok to re-up come expiration year of his contract. I dont blame him for taking the money. That doesnt mean I cant complain about it. My wife's boss gets paid more than double what my wife makes and all she does all day is ask my wife to do her job for her. Are we mad that she took the money? No. But we're damn sure going to be pissed about it...whether it changes shit or not.

Furthermore, beyond the money, I'm more pissed at this guy's unwarranted reputation as this defensive guru. I'm seen on numerous occassion, Tyson Chandler shy away from competing with a big man that's a scorer. He did it last night against Blatche. He even did it against Kevin Seraphin. One thing I respected about Danilo Gallinari. He wasnt a gr8 defender but he stepped up and wanted to guard the opposing team's SF, especially if it was a big time matchup. Where's that from "the catalyst of our defense"?

People spared no ill words when Melo or Amare played poorly last year. People went as far as saying Denver robbed us in that trade. People wanted to undo it and get Gallo back. People wanted us to trade Amare and Melo and build around Lin. People gave Chandler all the praise when Woodson found early success. MY gripe is, we'll rip our best player, but when Chandler plays bad it's ok because he's only a role player. Well guess what? He isn't getting a roel player's salary. Yall were complaining about Melo and Amare's contracts all summer and saying "face it, we can't do anything with those on the books." Well Chandler's contract takes up a huge chunk of our salary cap too.
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