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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Rameek
So now Felton is Toney Douglas? I am so sick of media sucking on Kidd's tit. Dude is playing solid but he is not doing anything special. People bitching about Felton dont understand how important he is because only 2 players on this team makes the defense collapse on them Felton and Jr. Thats key in basketball because if someone doesnt PENETRATE threaten the defense going to the hole there are no open looks on the perimeter. The only other way you get the defense out of position is having a post player. Well considering Melo is the only post player the Knicks need Felton and Jr. Also, running PNR....

The biggest problem is in tight games against good defensive teams not having a 2nd go to player hurts this team! I really believe the Nets are just a bad match up. Felton is trying to step up out of his comfort zone and help this team by scoring more and doing more than he needs to.

Nail...meeet head! (I would add Melo to that list of ppl that make the defense collapse) Felton is incredibly important to what we do. Yes, he played poorly vs the Nets. Yes, he chucked against Chicago...but who did he have to pass to? Let's not just skip pass the Heat game. He gets the game ball for that game. More importantly, Felton has earned his check merely for the fact that when he has a 6 or 7 turnover's an off game for him. If we had 6 or 7 TOs in a game with our previous 3 PGs, it was the norm. I've been posting on this site since before Felton's 1st tenure here. Those who knew me then know I'm by no means a Felton fan...but I gotta give the guy credit. He was definitely a bargain and worth every penny.

And I agree. Kidd is playing well... but he gets more credit for our wins than Melo does. We'd better beware of buying into this Kidd koolaid. Ship Shumpert to the bench if you want to. When playoff time comes and team's defense is at an all time high...Is Kidd going to get shut out like Novak did last year? When teams are locking up and closing out on the 3 point shot. What then?

Franchize and I have been saying this from jump street the roster isnt that great. But how often are they going to face good defenses? How often other teams will have the talent to shut down the Knicks ability to shoot the 3?

Let's just hope we don't have to encounter that lol All I know is, when Melo goes to the bench, we automatically become a mediocre team.

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