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Default Re: The Lakers Are Looking For A Free Agent PG - They Should Sign Theo Papaloukas

Originally Posted by CeltsGarlic
Theo was the shit, and the one of the best playmakers ever, and always made all his 3s against Zalgiris, while 0% against others. Its not the case here. I dont know how is he right now.

Look at Prigioni, he looks better in the NBA than he did for many years in Euroleague. He looks fast in the NBA, where he was almost getting to slow side in Euroleague.

Look at how Dragic, Jennings, Rubio, Neal, Lawson played in Euroleague and look how they play in the NBA. It's obvious that it's infinitely easier to play as a PG in the NBA than it is in the Euroleague. Because these guys all suddenly become much better almost to an unreal extreme, the second they leave Euroleague and go to the NBA.

I personally thought Papaloukas was washed up, but Prigioni was washed up 3 years ago, by Euroleague standards. Yet, he could walk in right now and take the Lakers starting PG spot with total ease, based on how he is playing with the Knicks.

And even though Prigioni was always one of my favorite players, and even though Papaloukas had certain things about him I didn't like, I have to be honest in the fact that Prigioni was never as good as Papaloukas. Actually, none of those players mentioned was ever as good as Papaloukas.

If Prigioni can make it in the NBA in his current level, which is a complete shell of what he used to be, when he was one of the better Euroleague point guards years ago, then why can't Papaloukas? Especially if you consider that they are very similar players. Both are big point guards, excellent ball handlers, like to pass, like to make plays for others, and both kept themselves in unbelievable physical condition.

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