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Default Re: Bargnani Out Indefinitely

Originally Posted by brwnman
I think offense will still be bogged down and just clogged in general. The main difference should be on defense and rebounding.

Offensively, for Ed and Val to be consistently efficient is to have perimeter players to penetrate and dish. Neither Ed nor Val are players you can dump the ball down to; but they'll work harder than the man they're facing and will get easy garbage points...
Agree on Davis, disagree on Val. Sure he's no Tim Duncan down on the blocks but the man does have post moves and is a post player. It's hard to penetrate and dish using guards when you have 2 guys that won't leave the paint. That's why I could only see a lineup like this succeeding if you dump it in to the big man down low and let him either operate down there one on one or dish it out to the perimeter if he gets doubled.
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