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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by DKLaker
What you failed to read was that I was NOT saying have the guys RUN around for 2 hours, I said work on defense strategy and team defense philosophy.....a large part of which can be done in a walkthrough, this allows players to absorb and ask questions better, once they understand then you scrimmage it to see how they perform and if something is not right you yell freeze and explain to the person where they should be and why. This doesn't take much physical energy but works miracles for a defense.

MB's practices were 100% nonsense, he could talk for 1,000 hours and never make any sense, he is an idiot.

I never said Phil's practices were 1 hour, I said Jerry Sloan's practices were only 45 minutes....and by the 47th minute he was in his car......but the man got more done in 45 minutes than 'Antoni or Brown could get done in a season.
Phil's practice length varied widely.

What is so hard for you to understand about team defense? It doesn't matter how good a group of players are at individual defense if they don't know what their teammates are doing.....what the hell do you think happens when someone sets a screen or pick if your teammate doesn't know what he is supposed to be can't just simply stay on your man......and what about help defenders......someone picks up your guy you pick up theirs....but if the coach isn't sure about wtf he's doing then this message isn't being given........what about not leaving the hot shooter....or when to close him out or deny the ball? There are a ton of things involved in team defense......dude, please read some books or gotta get up to speed.

I understand your point better about the first three paragraphs. It makes sense.

Now its my turn :)

You didn't understand what I was making of the 30 minutes. If a team has good defenders on it, I am saying it may only need 30 minutes to address a certain system. If these guys are smart, and the defensive scheme actually works, it would be easier for these guys to pick it up. These players aren't idiots anyways. 30 minutes should be sufficient if it is addressing how to stop certain players from getting their way. Does that make sense?
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