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Default Re: Findings upheld, discipline vacted.

Originally Posted by clipse026
I still see the same ole shit. Coaches talking tough, and tough words but nothing on the field other than a few hard hits on Brett Favre. A powerpoint about Manning doesn't mean there was money involved or anything like that. I see Niko is still talking the same tired stuff he was at the start of the year. You tried to tell me the Mickey Loomis wire tapping stuff was true, and then when it was proven to be bullshit you had nothing to say.
It wasn't true. You were right and i was wrong. I'm sorry i didn't continue a dead conversation.

The bounty stuff happened though. Your defense is a bunch of girls who couldn't follow through and actually hurt people, true. But your coaches offered money and told players to knock people out of the game. Which is again why i thought the coaches being suspended is fair and not the players.

Your coaches are still suspended, and your players (like Brees) essentially spent all year bitching about this instead of playing. Good for you.

The league called the Saints up and said "don't offer money" and the Saints kept doing it, as retarded and non impactful as it was. That's why i'll never feel bad for them. If the Giants get busted for something that they were warned to stop years prior i'll be mad at my coaches, not the league.

Didn't we play last week? How did that go?
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