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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I understand your point better about the first three paragraphs. It makes sense.

Now its my turn :)

You didn't understand what I was making of the 30 minutes. If a team has good defenders on it, I am saying it may only need 30 minutes to address a certain system. If these guys are smart, and the defensive scheme actually works, it would be easier for these guys to pick it up. These players aren't idiots anyways. 30 minutes should be sufficient if it is addressing how to stop certain players from getting their way. Does that make sense?

No, if you don't already have a strong system in place that the players already know then 30 minutes is useless, it takes weeks of committed least an hour per day with a good defensive coach.
Now if you're talking about a team with a great system and players who are running the system near perfection then a minor tweak can be added in 30 minutes...but I personally would give it an hour.....I am dead serious about defense and rebounding....even my PG's are dominant rebounders.

Think about this.....'Antoni is clueless when it comes to defense, do you honestly think that he can spew forth anything useful in 30 minutes????

BTW....wasn't it a great laugh to see Luke Walton on the about a fking scrub.....if anyone signs him when his contract is up I'll be beyond shocked.

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