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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by Scoooter

Chandler's kind of a strange animal. Looking at his salary and stats, you'd conclude he's obviously overpaid, but he still makes the team better (and at his best, he makes them a contender), so that goes a long way towards justifying the numbers. He was clearly integral in the Mavs title a couple of seasons ago. He's tall and athletic and relatively light, but instead of flying around and blocking shots, he plays more like a Kendrick Perkins type.

This is all you had to say. I rest my case lol

There are not that many centers in the NBA that would fit as well as Tyson does with this squad.

That's because there aren't many centers period. That's the problem. We justify Tyson Chandler's ****ery based on what we had before him. Well that idiot D'Antoni had Shawne Williams, who's a SF and not even playing anymore, playing center. So yes, compared to the alternative, of course we're going to be better at the position.

Bottom line is, when Melo AND Amare played last season injured and coming off of surgeries, we didn't cut them any slack. FINE. The justification was because they were highly paid and brought in here to be superstars.

So now Tyson Chandler IMO has been very inconsistent and hasn't showed the defensive prowess he undeservingly was labeled with. Why is he exempt? He's highly paid as well and he was brought in here to be this defensive stalwart. I just don't see it. I just want to see the defensive mastermind Grunwald and the NY media tried to sell everyone on.
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