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Default Re: Week 15.... Holy Crap

Originally Posted by knickballer
Do you even want Saban? He already failed at Miami and he's a great college coach but I think he may struggle as the parity of the league is different for him.

Recent collage coaches like Harbough and Schianno have been successful and I think partly because they didn't come from the huge schools who can get any recruit they want. Basically they are damn good coaches who know how to make the most out of their talent.
I could live with the idea of Saban, but I absolutely do not want Lombardi as GM. I think Saban was 16-18 in Miami over two seasons with a carousel of bad quarterbacks. He didn't really do horribly under the circumstances.

Lombardi, on the other hand, does not impress me in the least and I think Heckert has done a great job putting together a ton of young talent. If the idea was to keep Heckert and replace Shurmur with Saban, I could get behind it.

Starting back over from scratch, though? It seems like we go through this every two years. I understand that the new owner wants to have his hand-picked guys in place, but he should also be able to recognize when he has something good.
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