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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by Eat Like A Bosh
Was really disappointed from the start when the Lakers flirted with Phil only to bring in Pringles.

This just isn't a Mike Antoni Style team, and he has only 1 guy(Nash) that knows his offense. Mike likes to play fast paced, run and gun. 4 out of 5 of the Laker Starters are over 30 years old, and their Center just came off back surgery. And Mike also likes spreading the floor with many 3 point shooters, the Lakers don't have any good 3 point specialists, well other than Nash or Meeks. Problem with Mike is that he can't adapt to the roster he has.

Just an awful hire all around for the Lakers. As terrible as Mike Brown is, they were probably better off with Mike Brown and his slower, more deliberate pace considering the talent on the roster. Or better yet, just not waste money on a coach at all. Bernie was doing a fine job before Mike DAntoni stepped in. Weren't the Lakers like 4-1 that period with Bernie?

Tbh, don't even think Phil can save their season at this point.

I never for 1 second thought they would even interview 'Antoni......but when I heard they were interviewing Dumbleavy, I knew then were were in serious trouble and Jimmy was in control. Yeah you are 100% correct that Bernie was much much better.....and he's no great coach himself......or maybe he has improved?

I think if they brought in Phil by the 1st week of January we could actually pull it off........gotta remember that this would be his most talented Lakers team....arguably the most overall talented team he has ever had.
Right now it's the only shot we have this year, next year, year they have to try to buy out 'Antoni.
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