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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by franchize
That's because there aren't many centers period. That's the problem. We justify Tyson Chandler's ****ery based on what we had before him. Well that idiot D'Antoni had Shawne Williams, who's a SF and not even playing anymore, playing center. So yes, compared to the alternative, of course we're going to be better at the position.

Bottom line is, when Melo AND Amare played last season injured and coming off of surgeries, we didn't cut them any slack. FINE. The justification was because they were highly paid and brought in here to be superstars.

So now Tyson Chandler IMO has been very inconsistent and hasn't showed the defensive prowess he undeservingly was labeled with. Why is he exempt? He's highly paid as well and he was brought in here to be this defensive stalwart. I just don't see it. I just want to see the defensive mastermind Grunwald and the NY media tried to sell everyone on.
How am i basing it on what we had before, when i specifically said, THIS SQUAD?

Honestly I'm not making him exempt at all, but watch the games.

Look where he is on the court during most defensive sets.

The dude is helping on three different areas of the court on almost every single possession, and on offense just lob it up, you'll get a score 70% of the time and-1 or at the minimum just a foul drawn, and he actually shoots his free throws well for a guy with no jumper.

Is he perfect? Nope, but he sure isn't Javale McGhee out there.

Numbers don't lie......

12 points 10 boards 70% shooting from the field and the line.

And no way am i holding him to the standards of our "superstars", because he isn't one.

The star player gets credit for wins, and losses.

That's like blaming Pablo for a loss.

Tyson is a role player, his pay is irrelevant, even scrub bigs get paid.

But he is one thing Tyson does well, he helps his teams get better, everywhere he has been.
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