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Default Re: Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
RG3 recently said:In response to this statement Parker went on First Take today and had a BS "blackness" trip. He pointed to Griffin's white fiancee and alleged he was a Republican (I don't know what that's based on), for which sins he labeled Griffin a "Cornball Brother." "Real people," according to Parker, who go to the barber shop apparently don't appreciate whatever it is Parker thinks RG3 stands for.


1. Why can't he marry a white woman?

2. Why can't he be a Republican (if he is)?

3. Why does he have to meditate 24/7 on being a black quarterback? (IMO, it's positive not to think about it. Less pressure that way...that's another topic though)

4. What gives Parker and his ilk the right to judge RG3 for not wanting to be whoever it is Parker thinks he should be?

The black white QB thing is done, no? How many good black QB's are there? It's funny though, #1 i hear from my friends and coworkers. We go to japanese school (my daughter) and a few of the kids are mixed black/japanese and the fathers are actually very into their roots. My friends (the women) wonder all the time why they'd marry a Japanese woman? And it's not harsh but it's clearly not looked at as positive.

Calling him a "cornball brother" is ridiculous. That's not journalism, that's just hatred.
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