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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by franchize
1. I didn't mean YOU specifically

2. If he's playing HELP defense, he should have FAR more blocks than he does.

3. He's not that much better than JaVale McGee

4. Our star players get blamed for the losses but Chandler and Kidd get the credit for the wins. The Nets game...Exhibit A. Melo had 45 points and all people talk about is how well Kidd played. Melo tied for the most points by any player all season! No?.....Nothing?

5. Ok well you know I like numbers. Chandler is 7'1" and has only averaged over 10 rpg TWICE. He averages LESS THAN ONE BLOCK PER GAME! How are you a DPOY and a Defensive Guru at 7'1" but get less than one bpg? It's not like he's taking charges out there.

6. Let's be blount here. His shooting percentage is because he only catches lobs and gets put backs. If anybody gets credit for those it's Felton and Woodson. He's on the receiving end of easy opportunities. Other than Jared Jeffries, who CAN'T make those shots? I bet you JaVale McGee could make those and then some lol

7. His free throw shooting is good now but he started off well last year. We'll see if it remains that way. I hope it doesn because he's a career 63% guy.

8."But he is one thing Tyson does well, he helps his teams get better, everywhere he has been." Sure about that? He made Chicago better? He made Charlotte better?

9."Tyson is a role player, his pay is irrelevant, even scrub bigs get paid." Why is it irrelevant now but all summer you were complaining about how this team is going nowhere because of Melo and Amare's contracts. Melo is worth every penny. Can you say the same for Chandler? I'm just saying be consistent. PPL complained all last year of Melo not playing up to his contract even though, on a bad year, he was like 6th in scoring. Why can't you say the same for Chandler? Why can't you say the same for Novak? That's all I'm saying. Chandler does't get chump change. Chandler gets
big time money.

1. My bad....

2. How does help defense incresse blocks on the wing?

3. He's better than McGhee, much better.

4. Melo is being recognized for putting together an Mvp year so far, that's the ultimate credit to the teams success.

5. You can be a good defender and not be a shotblocker. Deandre for instance gets a lot of blocks but is not a good defender.

6. i dont care how he scores, he does it

7. So you're hoping he become average again?

8. Yes he did, ironically Charlotte made their only playoff appearance that year, but I gueds he was no help.

9. Nope, I don't complain about the salary at all.

I merely respond to constant complaining of how the team was made up, and reference why.

I don't care how much the players make, but the expectation is for them to play up to it.

Look, I realize you don't like Tyson which is fine.

But don't belittle what the guy does.

Take him off this team, and they would win less.
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