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Default Re: Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)

I have a few things to say about RGIII

F*ck the Redskins because they are a divisional rival, but RGIII is growing on me as a player.

I like what he said about african American fans and I think the kid has bright future ahead of him.

I think he can marry a white woman if he wants to and that doesnt make him any less a brother than anybody else.

Some people (like RGIII) get surrounded by people who they wouldnt normally meet if they werent big superstars. By the time RGIII gets to the pros, he probably spent more time around white women than black women because of the environment he has been in.

Love is love and people of different races fall in love all the time when they disregard the racist BS that permeates society.

My wife is Italian and the only time we think about our races being different is when the world reminds us...

So its really dumb for this rob parker guy to try and call Griffin out for being a cornball (whatever that means)

As far as the Black QB thing goes? I dont think its done until one of these guys wins a superbowl. Alot of people forget Doug williams won a super bowl and there is still alot of fans who buy into and promote the black QB stereotypes.. So, No its not done with, but its not the 70s anymore either. At least black Qbs can get a shot these days where they couldnt back then.

But overall, I like this RGIII kid, and I think he should continue to do his thing as he has so far in his career.
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