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Default Re: Is Barkley to the Knicks as 32 dayz was to Kobe?

Originally Posted by Segatti
I'm not saying the Knicks are horrible, in fact they are very good, but this doesn't mean they should get hyped yet, simple like that. And I never asked to anyone to hype my team in 2011 or I said they were contenders before the playoffs.

i've never understood this logic. Knicks are playing great ball this season and after 20 games are 1st in the ECF yet fans shouldnt be excited about that?

ok with that logic none of us should get excited about anything in the regular season and just wait until after the Finals to evaluate teams

The Knicks are a dangerous team, they have great shooting, great defense, a coach who won't allow coasting on defense, savy vets with championship experience,the reigning DPOY, a legit superstar in Melo, and their doing all this w/o their 2nd best player.

They have all the pieces to make a run in the playoffs.
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