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Default Re: OT: Ban Rap Music

Never before in the history of "music" has one genre (hip-hop / rap) brought all races from all parts of the world into one culture. Sure, I can see how some would view rap music as poison for the youthful mind, but the ends justify the means. When looking at the broad perspective, hip-hop music and more notably hip-hop culture has done this world more good than bad.

Yes, a lot of it is sexist, violent and even in rare cases racist. I have to ask though, which genre of music isn't? If you want to ban rap music, you might as well ban all other music. Initially, the hip-hop movement was merely a form of high level entertainment, but ultimately (and ever so quickly) hip-hop evolved into a high level "way of life" to many people of many different backgrounds and races.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech? We're removing God from the Pledge of Allegiance, and trying to ban the most successful and profitable genre of music ever. What's next? Censorship is a joke. It'll have a reverse effect. By banning a particular music, you only further pi$$ off people. It's like telling your teenage daughter if she goes out and has sex, she'll burn in hell. It only motivates them to do the exact opposite of what you're trying to censor in the first place.

We don't need the government stepping in to censorship things. It's not the government's responsibility to intervene for our children. That's the parent's responsibility. Oh wait, this is America, so saying parents and responsibility in the same sentence would be moronic.

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