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Default Kobe and Dwight

I hate to say this but I don't think Kobe and Dwight are thrill to be on the same team...maybe more of Dwight than Kobe. Something is not right...

Normally, when the Celtics Big 3 got together, you see them everywhere together like they are brothers or something. They look at each other alot, high five alot, communicate alot, sitting near each other alot, and being on TV together alot. Same with Diva 3, they do alot with each other they like they are girls from The View.

You don't see much of these between Kobe and Dwight which means there maybe another story below the surface or they working really hard to hide it.

Dwight and Kobe does not seem to look at each other in the eyes alot. On timeout, Kobe walks in without waiting for Dwight and vice versa. Kobe sits on one end. Metta and et al sit close to Kobe while Dwight on the other end. I've been seeing many of these times on TV. Kobe or Dwight don't make effort to sit next to each other to have any side communication on how to fix it. Kobe body language seems give ALOOF vibe. Dwight seems to project TURNOFF vibe. Translation, I think they are not really getting along. They just show up to work and that's it - not really thrill to work together still - it seems.

Is it just me or you guys also sensing something like this too?

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