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Exclamation Re: ~ The Official Game Cast For All Games ~

LA Vs. Knicks

-All I saw was Dwight being so ineffective ... didn't even get any touches in the 4th.

-All I saw was Iso & Post plays by Kobe. And they were settin up for quick shots most of the time.

Seriously? I don't know if that's how D'Antoni used to win games but it sure as hell not working anymore! Although, 3rd quarter was much better cuz they somehow managed to control the tempo, slowed it down and closed the lead to 12 from 26.

If it wasn't for Tyson Chandler, we could have won the game. We were down by 6 late in the 4th 1:15 mins. remaining.

Oh well ... I hope they learned their lesson.

@D'Antoni -- Change or Leave

If Phil was our head coach right now ... I GUARANTEE YOU THAT DWIGHT WILL BE 10X BETTER THAN HE IS RIGHT NOW. I miss the Triangle
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