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Default Re: John Cena: A history and why I hate him

Originally Posted by OneWay
I don't really want to read all that but I like Cena more every day. The more he gets hated, the more I like him lol. Hated him at first but his rap gimmick was awesome.

Anyway, what I don't think he gets enough credit for is his incredible strength.

The guy FU-ed Big Show, Viscera and almost Khali as well a few nights ago.
That's freaking insane. You know what kinda strength is needed from a 6'1" man to FU those 500 punds monsters?
That's simply...too good for words.
Just incredible.

And FU is not like a body slam. You actually need to lift your opponent up, have him on your shoulders and then drop him.
It takes an incredible amount of strength to be able to do that to 500 lbs people.

However, he is talented and likeable but the WWE have made him a heel basically because everyone just finally want him to lose.
Maybe it's a good trick to have him go against Khali because in that matchup I actually see everyone rooting for Cena.
Who the hell wants Khali to get his hands on the title?

An FU is actually easier than a bodyslam. In terms of pure strength, slamming someone in front of you takes a TON more strength than firemans carrying a willing opponent. I mean, I'm not exactly Marius Pudzianowski, but I'm a fairly strong dude. I could firemans carry someone at least 350 pounds and perform a probably botched Death Valley Driver on them. I don't think I could body slam anyone over 200. Holding dead weight on your shoulders is absolute the easiest place to hold it. That's why firemans carry moves make for such good professional wrestling moves--it LOOKS very impressive, but for strongmen, it's actually quite easy.
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