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Default Re: Kobe and Dwight

Originally Posted by $LakerGold
If they keep this up. Dwight is going to leave for sure. And if Dwight leaves, Kobe's days as being a Laker is definitely limited now.

I figured if Dwight stays, Kobe will stay for 3-4 more years after his contract expires.

And @OP, lack of chemistry?

Anyway, somethin really has to go down before the trade deadline. And please don't say trade Pau. As i've said before, it's going to be the same old story when they get Josh Smith or Bargnani. They will still get left out in the offense, unless one of them comes off the bench and be Dwight's back-up.

This is just a horrible system man ... the roster isn't built for his system >_< I want Phil.

Yes...lack of chemistry. No ionic bond, hydrogen bond, dipole bond or anything. Just London nano dispersion forces at the angstrom level...mostly. :)

But they don't seem to exude any comraderie like the other Big 3. Even staying won't help. Maybe Dwight is already making up his decision in leaving so he does show any bonding in public so when he leave, it would not be so bad.

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